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1. Protection of privacy

Oryx Projects NV appreciates your interest in its activities and your visit to its website. Oryx Projects NV attaches great importance to the protection of the personal information that you entrust to us. When carrying out our activities the protection of your personal details is accordingly of great importance. 
Your personal information including your email address will be used as follows: 

We save the information that you give us with the purpose of giving you information in response to your information requests. 
We save the information you give us within the context of an application and process it with extreme care. 
We will also use the saved information to further optimise our website by visitor analyses. 
We will use your information to keep you informed about Oryx Projects NV and its products/services in the future. You can tell us if you no longer wish us to use your information for these purposes. 
We will not make your personal information available or sell it to third parties who are not a part of or direct partner of Oryx Projects NV. 

Our website contains links to websites which are not part of Oryx projects NV. Oryx Projects NV is not responsible for how these websites use personal information.

All personal information provided is saved in a file. Holder: Oryx Projects NV, Industrieweg 76, B-9032 Wondelgem. This information is intended for the promotion of products and services of Oryx Projects NV. You have the right to consult your details as provided for in the law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of personal privacy. Additional information: Public Register (Commission for the Protection of Personal Privacy). You can consult your information and have it corrected, supplemented or removed from the file upon request and after identification. To do this contact:

2. Conditions of use

Visiting, browsing and viewing this website falls under our conditions of use and all applicable laws. By visiting, browsing and viewing this website you accept the conditions of use as described below, without restriction or exclusion.

3. Copyright

The content of this website is copyright protected. The copyrights are owned by Oryx Projects NV, its customers and its partners. All rights reserved. Information on the website (including but not exclusively text, presentations, illustrations, photographs and sound) may, unless otherwise mentioned, not be copied, transferred, distributed or saved without prior written permission from Oryx Projects NV. Changes to the content of the site are prohibited. Parts of the site contain illustrations that are explicitly covered by the copyright of customers.

4. Cookie policy

Oryx Projects NV uses cookies to save visitor data on our site to examine possibilities for the further optimisation and protection of the website. The information made available by you to us in this way is anonymously processed by us and only used in accordance with the law in a reasonable and careful way. You can set your browser to no longer receive cookies. In this case Oryx Projects NV does not guarantee that all services and functionality of the website will work in a correct way.

How to stop receiving cookies?
If you wish to block cookies you can set this in your browser.

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If you block cookies certain graphic elements may not be displayed correctly or you may not be able to use certain applications. A detailed list of all the types of cookies used by Oryx Projects NV on its websites is given below.

5. Liability

No rights or claims can be derived from the content of this web site in any way whatsoever Links to other websites are offered as a service and do not entail Oryx Projects NV being responsible for the content of these websites. It is also your own responsibility to check that these websites are free of viruses and other aspects of a harmful nature. Information on our website can be changed by us without prior notice or obligation.

Notwithstanding the content of the site being produced with the greatest of care, the materials, info and services supplied on this site are supplied as such, without any guarantee with respect to the marketability, suitability for a certain purpose or non-contravention of intellectual proprietary rights. The materials and services on this site can become dated and no longer correspond to current information. All properties or prices specified are given only for information without only obligation.

6. Remarks, questions and suggestions

Oryx Projects NV does not wish to receive any confidential or reserved information through this website. All information provided by you to us (suggestions, ideas and others) will be regarded as non-confidential and public (with the exception of as described in point 1 concerning the protection of personal privacy). By sending Oryx Projects NV material, you give Oryx Projects NV the unlimited and irrevocable right to use this information, to display it, to change it, to process it, share it and legally register this information. Oryx Projects NV can also freely apply the ideas and techniques that you send us. Oryx Projects NV has composed this website with the greatest possible care. Oryx Projects NV welcomes suggestions or comments. Should there be objections against certain texts or illustrations, this can also be made known.

7. Lawcourts

Oryx Projects NV may change the conditions of use at any time by publishing them again on this website. The conditions of use are in conformity with Belgian law and disputes will judged under the same jurisdiction. Should a part of these conditions of use be judged by a law court with applicable jurisdiction as illegal or impracticable, the relative part of the conditions will be regarded as lapsed, while the remaining provisions of these conditions of use will remain fully valid and in force.

End of these conditions of use.